Which Product?

When choosing your mobility scooter the first rule is .....don’t rush! We always suggest doing the following;

  1. Think about how you intend to use your mobility scooter. One designed for longer distance road use where it can be parked in a garage is a very different scooter from one designed for popping on a plane and taking on holiday. You will certainly have a range of uses you will want to put it to, but it is important to decide any fundamental requirements.
  2. Speak to family and friends (or give us a call). Anyone who owns a mobility scooter is a great source of information; What do they like about their mobility scooter? What are its drawbacks? What would they consider if they bought another one?
  3. Consider specifically if there are any important considerations for you from the following list:
    1. What type of scooter are you looking for? It might be a heavier ‘pavement scooter’ or a lighter travel scooter, folding scooter or portable scooter
    2. Where are you going to store it?
    3. What are you mainly going to use it for on a daily basis?
    4. Would you occasionally like to take it on holiday?
    5. If you are going to need to lift it in and out of a car boot, will you be lifting it alone or will there be someone to help?
    6. What range do you need the scooter to have?
    7. Will you be using the scooter on the road or mainly sticking to pavements and pedestrian areas?
    8. Does you mobility mean you specifically need a swivelling seat and/or lifting arm rests?
    9. Do you need shopping bags or walking stick holders?

Once you’ve done some initial thinking it is important to feel you trust the people from whom you purchase your mobility scooter. Firstly make sure they are a reputable, UK based company. Speak to them or look at their website and decide if you feel they are professional. Make your scooter will carry a full UK warranty and that the company will be there for you should anything go wrong or should you need help and advice after you have made your purchase.

Feel free to call us on 0800 XXXXXX for a no-obligation chat to help decide the type of mobility scooter that would be right for you.