Our Story


At the start, all we had was an idea and a can-do attitude! After lots of careful research and searching far and wide, we found a factory that had exactly what we needed…

We immediately put together a team of dedicated individuals and got to the design board straight away and before we knew it we had turned an idea into a dream!

We were so thrilled with the results and success that we had achieved that we had to make even more products to fill up our warehouse to meet the quick demand!

But like all of our products, we had to make sure the packaging was perfect – it’s no good delivering your mobility scooter if you can’t get it out of the box…

After writing more of all our manuals and guides (dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s), we were able to expand and share the results of all of our hard work.

With our warehouse now full of even more mobility solutions, our sales team, customer service and technical teams are all waiting to meet you!